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Forensic accounting

If you become involved in a financial dispute with another business or if you suspect an instance of internal fraud that you can't get to the bottom of, a forensic accountant will help resolve the situation.

Our experienced accountants will make an objective, independent assessment of the facts. We have many years' worth of experience at forensic accounting and have acted as expert financial witnesses in legal disputes.

Your Johal & Co adviser can carry out an investigation of the paperwork at your offices or we can work remotely with files provided by you. Our systems are compatible with those used by the majority of small and medium sized firms, which gives us a great degree of flexibility.

Once we've formed an opinion based on the facts, your adviser can recommend an appropriate way forward for your firm.

If your business needs an independent, expert view of a financial problem, we can help. Get in touch today by calling 020 8567 5379 or by emailing